Here's a little poem I wrote...

you can stand under my umbrella
Just an ordinary girl

She’s looking at the window frame,
Nobody knows her exact name.
She’s not the bravest in this world,
She’s just an ordinary girl.

She has some troubles in her life
And that’s the thing she can’t deny.
She often used to change her home,
The only place she wants to go.

She still believes in fairytales,
She often used to make mistakes,
But she lives brightly in the world,
Though, she’s an ordinary girl.

This is a poem I wrote about myself. =)

2008-01-16 в 22:31 

хорошенькое стихотворение)

2008-01-16 в 22:40 

you can stand under my umbrella
спасибо)) как-то само-собой нахлынуло. сначала хотела сделать из этого песню.

2008-01-16 в 23:46 

Любовь стоит того,чтобы жить©

2008-01-17 в 00:44 

you can stand under my umbrella
2008-01-17 в 16:19 

Любовь стоит того,чтобы жить©
Singing_in_the_rain not at all))

2008-01-25 в 18:17 

If You Can Dream it, You Can Do It! © Walt Disney
Singing_in_the_rain Very beautiful poem))) Excellent!)) :sunny:

2008-01-25 в 19:30 

you can stand under my umbrella
Baran, thank you very much))) I'm so glad to see you here))


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