Memento Mori

you can stand under my umbrella
Статья, написанная для учебной газеты Фредди весной прошлого года.
Надеюсь, кто-то в этом блоге еще помнит, кем был для меня Фредди.
Это мой добрый американский друг.

With the growing popularity of online diaries called blogs the number of deserted blogs increases too. Their authors will never write a new post. First it seems that they went away for a minute. But if you read the abbreviation “R.I.P.” in comments to the last post you will understand everything. People keep a diary online but die in reality. And in the Internet it is an eternal memory about these people. We should never forget them. As the Romans said: “Memento mori”.
The lives of these people were very different: some committed suicide, some died in an accident, some were killed, and some died because of serious illness. But they all had something in common. There are fatal posts in their blogs. Maybe they suspected their death.
Masha, 14, from Himky (Moscow region), fell out of the window on the 3rd of April 2007. The last month of her life was very sad. She was on the rebound because of an unhappy love affair. But her death wasn’t a suicide. According to her friends, that day Masha was sitting on the window-sill on the 12 floor. The window was opened and she suddenly slipped off. She held on to the window-sill with what was left of her strength. But it was too hard and she fell down. Masha’s last word was her boyfriend’s name. In fact when it happened he spent all night sitting on the floor looking at her photographs.
But some of Masha’s good friends think this is not the case. Some people saw the accident but they didn’t help her. Why? It was the question without an answer. So it made Masha’s good friends think it wasn’t an accident and they went to the police. The investigation was held and it revealed that it was a murder. It’s terrible but she was thrown down by people who called themselves her friends. Actually they denied their guilt and tried to hide the truth by all means but they were punished anyway.
The justice was obtained but it can’t help to return Masha. However we shouldn’t forget her. She was pretty, kind and really loving girl with a strong character. Unfortunately many good people die too early.
It seems that the title of her blog wasn’t accidental. It was really “The story of the short life”. Masha wrote she wanted to return to the past to correct all the mistakes. If Masha had such an opportunity maybe she would have never met her killers. Some days before the murder she had got the test “How will you die?” And the test said that she was going to live forever. It was absolutely wrong. But Masha will always be alive in hearts and souls of the people who truly loved her.
Irina, 21, from Omsk, went to the mountains in Almati, Kazakhstan, and didn’t come back. Many people in Russian Live Journal were looking for her. She was last seen on the 11th of September 2007. A day before she visited her friend Denis and early in the morning she went to the mountains with somebody called Zhenya. But that day Zhenya really wasn’t with her. On the 16th of September she used to go to Russia. She had already bought a ticket. But she didn’t come back. So Denis and his family decided to go to police. Kazakhstan’s police declined to take the request. It turned out that this request could be put in only by Irina’s relatives in Russia. But all her friends in Almati continued seeking her.
On the 20th of September Denis wrote that Irina was found mutilated and dead on the Medeo tract. She was killed and the investigation still continues. The police can’t find her murderers.
Irina was optimistic and very independent but sometimes too light-headed person. She studied film direction and in fact she came to Almati to do practical work. When shooting was finished Irina decided to see the sights of the city and to take photos. But it was too dangerous to do it alone.
Nearly 300 people in the Internet sympathize with her. She didn’t even know the most of them but she became very close to these people.
“There’s a limit to everything. Only a spirit is eternal,” she wrote in her diary. This post was made exactly a year before her death on the 10th of September 2006.
Andrei, the Orthodox priest, died soon after the Easter on 12th of April 2004 because of the infarction. He really and truly believed in God. In his blog he posted news about the Orthodox church in Russia and abroad and his thoughts about the God, the church, good and evil. The last his post was: “Christ has arisen!” There’re only prayers in comments. Confessor Andrei had all the qualities to be a good priest. He was kind, sincere and intelligent. No doubt that now he’s in Heaven.
Actually it’s very hard to read dead people’s blogs, especially late at night when it’s dark on the streets and all the sounds become louder. You read about their thoughts, dreams and hopes. You read about their doings in the past and about things they wanted to do in future but unfortunately they hadn’t got time. Sometimes you can’t stop crying reading about self-murderers counting down the days or about optimistic and kind people died in an accident.
Many people afraid of reading dead blogs but they keep on doing it. “They attract people because there is nothing more instructive than a stranger’s life which has already came to an end”, says miha_mm, Live Journal user. But some people have another point of view. They think that for relatives and friends of dead people it is just the one of the ways to communicate with them as if they were alive. Although they will never reply, the closest people continue making comments and feel themselves better. Others hold the opinion that there is no use in reading and writing in dead people’s blogs because you cannot help it and you only become a witness of someone’s disaster.
Readers of dead blogs have a lot of different views on this issue but most of them agree that this is the memory about these people. This is the story of their life and death. So we should remember them. We mustn’t make mistakes they did. We should know that sometimes the life can come to an end when you didn’t expect it.
As Denis K., young man who died in an accident, wrote in his journal: “If I asked you not to die could you promise it to me?”

2009-10-15 в 10:39 

Читать дневники умерших людей и правда очень-очень сложно... Вот только что открыла дневник парня, про которого ты писала выше. Как всё трагически оборвалось... Даже не хочется ничего больше говорить, нечего..

2009-10-15 в 17:35 

you can stand under my umbrella
То ли девочка, то ли виденье я впервые случайно наткнулась на такой дневник два года назад. а потом нашла еще больше и больше... и плакала, когда читала, и не могла остановиться.
но я никогда не думала, что один из дневников в моем избранном окажется в списке дневников погибших. Леша был замечательным человеком... как же жаль, его жизнь, его история оборвалась так резко, когда он был счастливее всех на свете.


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